Highlighting the career of Prof Willem van Riet, directing innovative conservation initiatives in Africa, illustrating his experiences and approach through the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

An all-inclusive approach to conservation was instigated by numerous adventures on wild rivers in the 60’s and developed through academic research at Universities in Philadelphia (USA) and Pretoria (South Africa). GIS software, data and processes were harnessed throughout his career in support of planning, scientific analyses and fundraising.  Projects and programmes will be illustrated through a number themes. This approach was implemented during his years on the SANParks Board and on transboundary initiatives in Southern Africa during his 10 years as the CEO of the Peace Parks Foundation. Recently he has functioned as a consulted through the Swedish entity (Transboundary Conservation Foundation).

"I hope that the review of these conservation projects, as a journey of discovery through the use of GIS and maps, will be of assistance to conservation development in many parts of the world. I would like to iterate that the content of this site reflects my own personal point of view and is based on my personal experiences."

This just too incredible to believe, all this money and very little arrives at the battlefront. Naturally, the recipients use a large percentage of these funds for administrative purposes. Rhino poaching must the best fundraising cause ever.

When one talks to the rangers, they are extremely depressed and uncertain about the future. What will it take to tackle this problem seriously? What a frightening and depressing article. When read in conjunction with the other reports on poaching of elephants in Tanzania and Mozambique, I become despondent about the future of wild life in Africa. What will attract the tourism when the animals are all gone. The way we are loosing wildlife, this going to happen in our lifetime.

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