5 - Zambian Forest Ecosystem – Forest Ecosystem Services Evaluated

The concept of ecosystem services and its value to society has been touched upon a number of times in my website.

The principles behind this approach were established by the study on the SADC ecosystem services component of the Millennium development goals by Scholes and Biggs. De Groot and others took it onto the global scale in their global study on the value of ESS and its financial implications.

Click here for the pdf: Benefits of Forest Ecosystems in Zambia and the role of REDD+ in a green economy transformation

I also illustrated the mapping of Ecosystem services (ESS) on an SADC wide, South Africa and world heritage sites such as the Vhembe biosphere reserve.

Finally I proposed a new approach to conservation and the establishment of conservation areas where the management and protection of ESS is the prime motivation for creating and managing parks.

Now at last there is a study on a national scale of a specific ecosystem and the contribution of ESS to the national GGB. The quote from the document gives a clear overview of the study and the benefits of reviewing the forests of Zambia in a new light. The biggest problem is that the deforestation rates in Zambia are also amongst the highest in the world and this places this important natural resource at risk. 

The introduction to this study gives a good overview of this watershed piece of research:

Nairobi, 28 April 2015 ~ Zambia’s forest ecosystems contribute $1.3 billion, roughly 6.3 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP), to the national economy, further highlighting the crucial role forests can play in the global transition to a green economy, according to a new UNEP study.

Commissioned by the Government of Zambia, produced in partnership with the UN-REDD Programme, and released ahead of the High-Level Dialogue on Zambia’s Draft National REDD+ Strategy, Benefits of Forest Ecosystems in Zambia and the Role of REDD+ in a Green Economy Transformation takes a wider look at the value of forest ecosystems.

Click here for the full article: Zambia forest ecosystems contribute $1.3B to GDP